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Would you like someone to talk to?

Are you feeling stuck, unable to make
the changes you want to make? 

Sometimes just talking, to a safe person, who is not involved directly in your life, is enough. Just having someone to listen without judging and to value what you have to say, makes a difference. 

Sometimes that simple act of unburdening is all it takes to release pressure, reduce anxiety,

and maybe gain a different perspective.

Judy Dulson -

 Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



BA Psych, Adv Dip PC, Dip Hyp, QTS

Judy Dulson Member of the National Couselling Societ
Judy Dulson member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

Counselling is a partnership - piecing the jigsaw together

Working with a supportive therapist, giving yourself that time and space in your day to day life, you can start to understand why you feel, behave and think as you do.

Then you can start to move forward, to achieve the confidence to know that things can change, and you can feel better than you do right now.

I can offer you a confidential, safe and supportive space, where you can explore your worries, and where we can work towards solutions, together.


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